SEO Blog Tips To Get Your Blog Noticed

SEO Blog Tips To Get Your Blog Noticed

I’ve decided to do a post to discuss some SEO blog tips to get your blog noticed on search engines. I hope this post can be of some use to you and your blogs. DISCLAIMER: I am not a digital marketing guru, nor am I claiming to be. I work within the marketing industry and am aware of the criteria required to score high on search engines. If you have any other tips that you find useful then please leave them in the comments section below.

Focus Keywords/Key Phrases: Decide upon your focus keywords/phrases early on to ensure that your blog post is focusing quite specifically on your keywords/phrases. This does not mean that you should saturate your blog post with the keyword/phrase in its entirety, but it does mean that this is the focus of your blog post so use them naturally and do not force them into your content just to get them in a sentence. Your keywords/phrases should be used in these spaces: title, headers, URL, blog post and meta description. This will make it easy for search engines to reach your post and subsequently score you higher on the listings page.

Add Keywords to Your Image Alt Text: Search engines are wonderful things, but they cannot see images. Therefore it is important that you don’t just upload your images and leave the alt text blank, instead use this to add your keywords/phrases to heighten your SEO even further. Google likes images that have alt text as it is able to read them.

Link Internally:¬†Using internal links within your posts strengthens your blog considerably. If you are posting about a more generic topic but make reference to a product you have recently reviewed then link it in your post. Using internal links makes your blog content more reputable and relevant, and this is something that search engines like. Using internal links also keeps your visitors on your website for longer as there is more ‘relevant’ content for them to view.

Useful Sources: – Test out your blog post titles before hitting publish. This website will give you a score and give you some tips on how to strengthen your headline even more.

Yoast SEO (Plugin) – Free plugin for WordPress, this is great for helping beginners with SEO. It uses a traffic light system to score your SEO so you know how good your content and titles are. I use this for every post, and it really helps me gain new visitors.

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