Morphe 35Om Nature Glow Matte Palette

Morphe 35Om Nature Glow Matte Palette

This was my first ever Morphe eyeshadow palette, and to this day it is still probably one of my favourite palettes that I have in my collection. I find that this particular palette is PERFECT for this time of the year. This palette just screams autumn to me – the copper tones, the warm browns and the bright reds. I have had this palette for around 7 months and I use it fairly often, and I have not yet reached pan on ANY shade. A little bit truly goes a long way…

I love how pigmented the Morphe eyeshadow palettes are. Considering this palette was £23, the colour payoff is just incredible. To intensify a look I simply wet the brush slightly before selecting a shade, this really gives full impact (especially with the fiery oranges and reds). The shades in this palette are extremely blendable considering their pigmentation. All the shades in this palette are matte which gives such classic looks – to give the eye a bit of glam I sometimes add a gold glitter liner to the top lash line. This creates a perfect evening look.

My favourite thing about this palette is the versatility. It’s great how multiple looks can be achieved, from subtle day to full evening glam. There is a look within this eyeshadow palette for anyone and everyone. I think the value for money with this product is just amazing.

Do you have any Morphe eyeshadow palettes that you absolutely love? I am always looking to build my collection so it would be fab to know your recommendations. Leave me a comment below.

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Oh my gosh this palette looks DIVINE! I own two Morphe palettes (the 35P and B) and I am bowled over by how amazing the pigmentation is in both, especially the P, I’d go as far as to say it’s one of my top faves palette wise.
I hope they can continue bringing out amazing colour stories in their palettes because I’m totally here for them!
Fab post x


I neeeeeeed this palette in my life! Z