KIKO Water Eyeshadow Review

KIKO Water Eyeshadow Review

If you’re anything like me then you’re a sucker for a high pigmented shimmery eyeshadow. Well, it just so happens that I stumbled across these fantastic KIKO Water Eyeshadows a few months back on a shopping trip. The reason that I was initially drawn to these was the shades and the way they shimmered so beautifully in the pan. I decided to pick up 2 different shades, the first is 200 Champagne and the second is 202 Golden Mauve. In this post, I will be reviewing the KIKO Water Eyeshadows and providing swatches of the product wet AND dry.


KIKO Water Eyeshadow 200 Champagne

This is the shade 200 Champagne, the first colour that really caught my eye. This colour is my go-to, and that’s because when used dry it is a perfect base colour over the lid. It is also great for popping under the brow bone to add some definition and is also beautiful when applied wet to the corner of the eye and over the lid for a more shimmery look. To use this product wet, I simply spray the brush with Mac Fix+ or alternatively I will damp the brush under the tap (very lightly) and squeeze out the excess water. When using this product wet it really amplifies the colour and makes the eyeshadow appear more shimmery.


KIKO Water Eyeshadow 202 Golden Mauve

This shade is 202 Golden Mauve, a beautiful purple mauve with golden tones. I love this shade for autumn/winter time to create a smokey eye look. This colour actually works really well with the other shade above, as the champagne shimmer really pulls out the golden tones in this colour. This shade is great for using dry in the crease to add definition, or you could use it all over the lid to promote the colour further. When this shade is used wet the colour becomes more intense, and a smokier look becomes more achievable.


KIKO Water Eyeshadow Swatches

Swatches L-R

202 Wet | 202 Dry | 200 Dry | 202 Wet


Overall I believe that these KIKO Water Eyeshadows are great value for money, retailing at £8.90 each. When you think you are getting 2 eyeshadows in 1, you can achieve multiple looks and the pigmentation is striking, it really does make this product worth every penny. I can see this product (especially shade 200) being a staple item in my make up bag for years to come. Go and check out the other beautiful shades and let me know your thoughts.


KIKO Water Eyeshadows

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