How To Have a Stress-Free Christmas

How To Have a Stress-Free Christmas

For most people Christmas can be quite a stressful times for various reasons. Either you’re dreading spending time with difficult family members or you’re worried about financial costs at such a busy time of the year. I have compiled a list of ways to help you reduce your stress at Christmas time, to hopefully ensure you have a stress-free Christmas.

1) Only give what you can afford.

Don’t worry about giving expensive presents or buying out of your own means. Just buy what you think is reasonable, and more importantly what you can afford. There is absolutely no point in getting yourself into a financial mess over Christmas, it is really not worth it. I know more than anyone that it is easy to go over the top at Christmas, and you keep buying things for people, and then a few more things… and then all of a sudden it gets a little bit out of control. Instead, get organised and budget. It’ll help you in the long run I promise.

2) Let go of bad energy.

Spending time with family at Christmas is supposed to be a lovely time, but for some it isn’t. For some people it can be really hard to want to spend time with others who you simply don’t get along with. My suggestion for this is to just let go of any bad energy that you have harvesting and breathe. Letting go of bad vibes will make you feel better and will give you a clearer head. If you are going to be spending time at Christmas with others who you’re not too keen on, then don’t worry just think of it as another day. Once it’s been and gone that’s it.

3) Be organised.

This is an important reminder for those last minute people out there… I can see you! Those who tend to stress at Christmas are usually those who are unorganised. Start asking people what they’d like for Christmas early on so you have some rough ideas on what to get them. If someone is unsure, then why not settle for a gift card or an experience day? If you are hosting the Christmas dinner, then make sure you have a full list of all of your groceries so you are extremely prepared for the big day. Being organised will keep you stress free!!

4) Get your wrapping done as and when!

Leaving all of your Christmas wrapping to be done at once is enough to give me a headache. Instead I tend to stage it and get it done when I have a spare few hours, as long as the gift tag has been written then I know who it is for so no confusion! Leaving all of your wrapping to do at once can cause a lot of stress, especially if you run out of wrapping paper half way through!

How do you reduce stress at Christmas? Do you have any tips to share? If so leave them below in the comment box.

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Tiffany Creighton

I usually have a list of all the people I need to buy for and the gifts that I am buying them. That way, I have a clear look at who is left to buy for, who’s done etc. Helps a lot when it comes to wrapping too! xx