How To Get Into The Christmas Spirit

How To Get Into The Christmas Spirit

Getting into the Christmas spirit can be pretty hard if you’re not a big lover of Christmas. Unlike me, I love Christmas and to be honest I start getting excited for Christmas waaaaay before I really should. I get butterflies when I start to think about Christmas because it really is such a special time of the year for me and I just LOVE it. For those that struggle to get into the Christmas spirit I have crafted a post with some methods on how to become Christmas ready…

1) Get the Christmas tunes on!

Nothing gets me ready for Christmas like a good Christmas playlist. There are so many Christmas gems hiding on Spotify playlists that get me in the mood for festivities. I will find any opportunity to listen to Christmas music, whether that’s on the drive to work in the car, tidying the house or even when I’m getting ready in the mornings. Personal faves: Step into Christmas by Elton John, Fairytale of New York by The Pogues & Last Christmas by Wham.

2) Get the Christmas shopping sorted!

Most people dread Christmas because they worry about the shopping. Now, Christmas shopping can cause stress BUT if you get prepared and get a list together then it’ll help you out so much. Budget for every person you are buying for so you know how much you expect to spend, that way you won’t get any nasty surprises. Also, try and get some bargains. If you know what someone would like for Christmas then don’t just settle on the first time you see the item, have a look around to see if you can get it cheaper elsewhere. Being a savvy shopper at Christmas makes me feel good, and Christmas is all about feeling good.

3) Get the Christmas films and TV specials on!

Even if you don’t really like Christmas films or TV specials, there are some really great ones out there that I am going to recommend. I will be doing a full post on my favourite ones later on in the month, but just to give you a snippet of my go to films and TV specials I will list some here: Gavin & Stacey Xmas Special, ELF and The Grinch. These are GUARANTEED to get me feeling all kinds of festive vibes.

4) Mix up your make up.

Don’t just grab the first lipstick you reach for. Get the red lippy out and make a statement, if you look the part you will more than likely feel the part. Red lipstick always gets me feeling Christmassy, especially as I don’t really wear it throughout the year. Apply a bit of gold glitter on your eyes to feature a super glam festive look that is bound to get you into the Christmas spirit.

5) Surround yourself with spicy scents!

I don’t know about you, but the smell of anything spiced is enough to make me think of Christmas. It makes me feel so warm and cosy inside and it genuinely makes me happy. There are so many lovely candles, wax melts and plug ins that feature these warm spiced scents to make your home smell festive. If the scent is too strong for you then why not try some other Christmas scents from Yankee Candle.

6) Indulge in the Christmas goods!

For me, a bit part of Christmas is all of the food. And I mean all of it. From mince pies, to pigs in blankets, to copious amounts of shortbread. Whatever it is, i’m there. Indulging in Christmas food makes me feel so excited for Christmas because for me it’s such a big part of the season. I am also partial to a mulled wine which is Christmas in a glass for me!


What are your favourite ways of getting into the Christmas spirit? Or are you like me and Christmas mad all times of the year? I’d love to know.

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Lotte Jean

As soon as I start to play some Christmas tunes, my festive spirit always begins!

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