How To Beat The Christmas Blues

How To Beat The Christmas Blues

Sometimes the Christmas season can leave us feeling a little deflated once it has been and gone, and that’s ok. For some it can be a truly overwhelming time of the year for various reasons, so it’s perfectly ok to feel a little bit lost once the big day is over. I have collated some tips on how to beat the Christmas blues to ensure you get the best start to the new year and maintain your happy spirits.

1)  Get some things booked in for January. Knowing that you have a few events scheduled in the diary will give you something to look forward to. Now it doesn’t have to be anything particularly special, it doesn’t have to be a holiday… maybe you could catch up with some friends, go to a different town for some SALE shopping, or if you’re able to do so then go away for a long weekend.

2) Don’t spend all of your money in December! For those who get paid before Christmas it can seem like a long old time until the next payday comes around, and that’s because it is. If you do get paid before Christmas then try and budget some money or keep some savings aside to see you through January, you don’t want to be left short as soon as you enter the new year.

3) Be grateful! Reflect on your time at Christmas and treasure every single moment. Take plenty of photos and laugh as much as possible. Also eat and drink as much as you can possible consume so you know you are making the most of this special time. Being grateful will make you more content, and in the long run this will make you a much more positive person.

4) Get your New Years resolutions written! Don’t you feel like when you actually write down your goals on a piece of paper then you’re more likely to achieve it? (or is that just me lol?) Get some goals for 2019 written down that are not only going to motivate you throughout the year, but ones that you know with a bit of time and hard work, you will achieve! Be realistic and positive and anything is possible.


I couldn’t imagine going into the New Year with a clouded mind, instead I practice what I preach and I get organised with my money, my diary and my thoughts. Knowing that I have plans for January will keep me going through the limbo time after Christmas where we all start to feel a bit deflated. I hope these tips will keep you feeling all kinds of positive, and remember, if you need any positive encouragement in your life then just tell me.


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This is a really awesome post, it’s great that you’re telling people it’s okay to feel a bit down or lost because of Christmas because it can be a very emotional and draining time of year. These are great tips and I totally agree with you. Alex x