How I Relax & Unwind

How I Relax & Unwind

Sometimes life can get the better of us and we can end up feeling a bit stressed. I can’t stress how important it is to spend time unwinding, it’s so good for you and your mind. I’m sure that everyone has their own go-to comforts when trying to relax, and in this post, I would just like to share what mine are. Hopefully, I can inspire you in some way or another.


Step One: Light a candle


As soon as I get home in the evening and go up to my room I have to light a candle. I don’t know why, but it instantly just soothes me. I find them so relaxing, and they help set a calm atmosphere – something that we need sometimes. I am a big lover of the Yankee Candles and the Woodwick (crackle) Candles. BUT I also think some of the high street candles are just as good. I recently picked this candle up from Sainsbury’s, it is Cashmere & Dark Cassis and smells great. It’s got a woody undertone with a slight hint of vanilla sweetness. (I am yet to light it – will let you know my full thoughts once I’ve finished it.)


Step Two: Face Mask


My next step is to put a face mask on. Now I love face masks, not only do they make me feel super relaxed but I love knowing that they are doing wonders for my skin. I’ve tried and tested quite a few facemasks over the year and tend to do one a week, or every other week. I received this Talika Bubble Mask* in my October Lookfantastic Beauty Box* – yet to try it. However, I have used a similar one including the GLAMGLOW Bubble Sheet Mask* – which is fantastic. So I am thinking that this one will be similar. It seems as though the bubble masks are the new thing, I love how you can feel them really working into the skin and extracting all the nasty stuff from your pores.


Step Three: Music


There’s nothing better than kicking back and listening to some music to help you rewind. There’s nothing I love more than listening to music and zoning out. Music helps me to put things into perspective and give life new meanings. I love all genres of music and can pretty much listen to anything and everything. There are so many amazing artists out there and so much music to be played.


Step Four: Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate

Once I’ve lit my candle, applied my face mask and got some chilled out tunes on then I’m ready for a hot chocolate. As I no longer drink any tea or coffee, sometimes I do crave something sweet (and I’m sorry peppermint tea but you can’t hit that spot). A hot chocolate for me is like a hug in a cup, it makes me feel so content and warm inside. It also makes me feel sleepy so for me, it is a perfect drink to wind down with.

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What are your relaxing remedies? I would love to know how you unwind and zone out of the pressures of everyday life. Thanks for reading xx

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