Autumn Questions Tag Post

Autumn Questions Tag Post

So, I have been tagged in the Autumn Questions Tag Post by the super lovely Norma Linnet ( – go check her blog out, it’s FAB! Norma, I just wanted to say thank you for deciding to tag me, it is much appreciated.


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What’s your favourite thing about autumn?

I love how there is such a transition from summer to autumn like it’s really noticeable. The weather is colder, the nights pull in much earlier, and the trees, and the leaves and the beautiful colours all around. I love how autumn makes me think of warm toasty nights by the fire, cuddling up with a blanket and (binge) watching series on Netflix. It is such a cosy season, and that’s exactly why I love it.


Are you taking part in #Blogtober?

Unfortunately, I am not. Only because my blog has not even been live for a month yet, so I just want to take things in my stride day by day. It is something that I will MOST definitely be participating in next year, so watch this space, bloggers.


 Favourite autumnal drink?

Where do I start? I love a cherry and cinnamon infused herbal tea in the mornings (only 4 calories per cup… that means more chocolate for me). If we’re talking alcohol, then I love a Spiced Apple cider or even a cheeky Mulled Wine. So pretty much anything with spice to keep me warm.


Favourite autumn candle?

If you’ve read my post about how I relax then you will know that I’m a HUGE fan of the Yankee Candle – Fireside Treats. There is just something so warm about this candle, for me, it is autumn in a jar. I do love cinnamon scented candles, but I do find that some can be very overpowering. Fireside Treats will always be my go-to autumn scent.


Favourite item of clothing for autumn?

My favourite clothing for this time of year is pretty much anything in the shade aubergine, including polar neck jumpers, leather skirts and cardigans. However, I love pairing this colour with a brown fur (faux of course) addition.  I love faux fur gilets and coats, I think they look great paired with skinny denim jeans and a tightly fitted aubergine jumper.


Do you decorate your house/room for Halloween/Autumn?

Umm… of course. I am the chief pumpkin carver AFTER ALL – I love carving pumpkins, I find it so exciting! Growing up, Halloween was always well decorated in my home, so it’s something that I will carry on once I move out.


What do you do on Halloween?

It honestly depends really. Over the last few years, I do tend to just stay in. This year I will probably stick a film on and have a cosy night in and scoff plenty of goodies. I do love a Halloween themed party though, I think they are super fun with everyone dressing up.


Here are my nominations:


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I look forward to reading your posts.


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Norma Linnet

Hello Lois,

Very good post! I guess I love autumn for the same reason as you. We’ve got something in common, indeed.

And you’re very welcome. I love supporting fellow bloggers.


xx. Norma