20 Random Facts About Me

20 Random Facts About Me

The time has come for me to unleash myself and tell you all 20 random facts about me! 

  1. I am 24 years old, born in August and my star sign is Leo. I love having a birthday in the summer, everyone is always happy in the summer months. I also love that it’s roughly half way through the year and not close to Christmas. I am a Leo through and through, fiery and proud.
  2. I have 2 degrees. I studied at Coventry University and gained a 2:1 in BA Media & Communications, I was then offered a scholarship for a masters there too. My masters degree was in Marketing Management where I secured a distinction (1st class). I had never studied marketing before but I just seemed to get it.
  3. I am a lover of any music genre. Honestly when I put my playlists on shuffle I continuously surprise myself, one minute I’m rocking out and the next I’m chilling to some acoustic vibes. I do have a soft spot for any Billy Ocean tune – I blame my mum for this!!
  4. I have a cat called Frankie. My 13 year old self had a huge crush on Frank Lampard, hence the name of my cat. Frankie is a tabby, and beautiful and he is now 11 years old.
  5. I love Christmas, I love the build up, I love buying presents and I just love the season in general. It is definitely my favourite time of the year.
  6. At 23 years old I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, and it is something that I will always have to monitor through life with medication.
  7. I can’t sit next to people who are loud eaters, it makes me anxious and stressed. Silly I know, but I just have to remove myself from the situation.
  8. My go-to cocktail is of course, a Pornstar Martini.. I mean, how lush?
  9. Dirty Dancing is my favourite film, the other contenders are: Pretty Woman, Grease & Bridget Jones.
  10. In March this year I gave up Tea and Coffee – boy it was difficult and I suffered with withdrawal headaches BUT I feel so much healthier for it now. I tend to drink Peppermint Tea or if I fancy something sweet then I’ll opt for a Hot Chocolate.
  11. I use to bite my nails super short until I was 16. I had a set of acrylics for my prom when I was 16 and just loved the thought of having long nails – that was all it took. I now enjoy having long natural nails which I gel polish myself.
  12. Whenever I am in my bedroom I have to light a candle – it calms and relaxes me instantly. Current fave: Yankee Candle – Fireside Treats (amazing).
  13. I used to play the Clarinet and Keyboard when I was in senior school, I can still play a few tunes with a bit of practice.
  14. My favourite colour is dusty rose pink, but my favourite colour to wear is aubergine.
  15. I could not live without Topshop Joni jeans – been wearing them for years and have not yet found another retailer that can compare!
  16. I am an only child.
  17. I love sleeping. I can sleep whenever, wherever.
  18. I give blood as regularly as I can and have done for 4 years now.
  19. I have no tattoos and never will have any.
  20. I enjoy challenging myself to reach new goals. Creating this blog is one of those.


I hope you have enjoyed reading my 20 random facts post, maybe you now know a little bit more about me!

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I love posts like this because I really like getting to know you as a person but wow I could never think of 20 things – I struggled to find 7 for today’s post!


Our age is the same! High five!

How does it feel like being an only child? As an eldest in 4 siblings, I used to envy my friends who’re the only child lol. Still love my annoying siblings.

Soul Gifts

Nice to meet you like this Emma. Frankie, huh? A tomboy I take it. For someone so young – YES, you are! – I found it fascinating that Dirty Dancing is your favourite movie. It was a good ‘un.